Special Day

Felt like it's been forever since I did sth for myself tat I enjoy doing..been busy for the past few months preparing for my exam..now that it's finally over (i hope), i can start doing things i like..heaps of books tat i bought throughout the year haf been left unread..balls of yarn lying around untouched etc..so i guess the next coming weeks n even months, i'll b very in touch with my artistic side..

finally went to see the MoMA series featuring Van Gogh, Dali n some other artists' works..abit disappointed that they've only got one Van Gogh painting..two of Dali's i think..but was pretty surprised that they even got a few of Picasso's earlier pieces..not too bad overall i guess..there are a few very good pieces..n through the exhibition i m beginning to see Dali n Picasso differently..although their later styles still gif me headaches..kekeke..would still prefer if they've got at least 2 of Van Gogh's tho..usually dun haf any wishes..this year's wish would be to visit Van Gogh's museum at least once before i turn 35..

received a text msg from home..full of typo..but filled with love too :) n i love the last sentence - Go 4 yr passion!! i'm not young anymore..neither am i too old..the ideal age to go after my dreams n not worry bout failure..because really, wat's success when u dun haf failures..plus, i haf got all the support i need from ppl i love :)


now tat everything is over, i feel so aimless..hmm..mayb it's time to pick up my books again..time to realise my dreams..my other dreams i put aside while chasing after my ambitions..time to start reading or drawing again..

it would be nice to go on a holiday again..but i haf exceed my quota this year dy...i shall jus make the best of everything now and wait for the results..hopefully it will b good news..since it's the last attempt ad...

Third Time Lucky Perhaps?

hmm..failed the second time as expected..sigh..hopefully can pass on my third attempt..starting to develop phobia dy..

was away from home for 1 week..n my room is full of cobwebs now and invaded by cockroaches..sigh..things are nt gg well for me i guesss...

missed Seoul alot..hopefully can go back again next year..kekeke..but first, i nd to resit my exams..JIAYOU!

Risks n Challenges Ahead!

there have been ppl who asked me if i regret wat i did..my answer is NO..esp after recent revelations..after 4 years of rotting at the same place wif no future n no where to go, it is time to take some risks n move on..be it bad o good, it's better than being static at the same place forever while the world passes u by..

hopefully i am able to overcome all obstacles ahead and get wat i want..in the meantime, i shall jus enjoy the experience for being daring n risky for once :)

Paths of Glory

got this book for only 5aud..omg..it's brilliantly written n highly recommended to all! was initially worried tat it will get boring o a lil bit too dry fr my taste..jeff archer did a great job..even an idiot like me gt a tiny wee interested in climbing after the book..hopefully all the other books tat i bought can match this one...sigh..o mayb i shudnt haf started his book first..oh well, one more day to work :(


i m at one of the many crossroads once again..between here and there, it seems i need to take a huge leap..not sure if wat i m doing is rite..not sure if i m ready to gif it my all..but i do noe this..if i dun do it now, i would never haf the chance to do it again..if i dun gif my all now, how would i noe how things will turn out..even if things dun go the way i wan it to be, at least i haf tried..

Quote of the Day
Only passions, great passions can elevate the soul to great things.
Denis Diderot

At Crossroads..

sudd feel aimless, helpless again...hopefully everything will turn out well.....